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Advance Adgility™ 10XP Backpack Vacuum - 10 Qt.

The light-weight Advance Adgility™ XP backpack vacuums deliver a whole new level of comfort, quiet, performance and affordability for multi-surface cleaning in close quarters. Backpack vacuums have long been favored for cleaning offices, classrooms and other facilities with hard and soft flooring and tight spaces in cubicles or between desks. Never before has there been a backpack as comfortable and effective as the Adgility XP. The ultimate in ergonomic design, with a premium cushioned harness which distributes the weight more evenly and higher on the back. 110-120V, 60 HZ motor. 1,300 W, 10 amps of power.

Alternate #9060705010

Advance Advenger® X2805R-C Rider Scrubber - 28", 312 AH

Can remove floor finish in a single pass. Random orbital scrubbing technology with high-speed, 1/4" micro scrubbing and rotational, low-speed macro scrubbing attacks dirt from multiple directions for superior cleaning effectiveness. Offering increased productivity up to 39,424 sq ft per hour, EcoFlex™ cleaning control and large capacity for up to 140 minutes of continuous scrubbing. Adjustable steering column. Built-in squeegee hanging system on tank for easy machine transfer and tank drying. Low step for easy on/off. Power source: 24 VDC; CFM: 66 @ 2" orifice. Brush motor: 0.75 hp; Vacuum motor: 0.75 hp. Drive motor: 1.05 hp; Sealed waterlift: 63".

Alternate #56601896

Advance BU800™ 20BT Burnisher -20",234AH AGM,Passive Dust

A more rigid frame and nine vibration isolators have turned the operation of the BU800 into the smoothest burnishing experience in the market. With the double-pivot pad-driver design, burnishing pad stays in alignment and allows the pad to follow the floor contours, leaving a more consistent gloss. Combining the pad-driver design with the self-regulating pad pressure, operators have an easy to use burnisher. Self-lowering burnishing deck. Easy to operate control panel and palm switches. Pad changes are easy with the tip back design.

Alternate #56383511

Advance CarpeTriever™ 28 Carpet Vacuum - 28"

Designed for large carpeted areas, the CarpeTriever 28 thoroughly vacuums a 28 inch path in one pass. No need for back and forth movement. 41" L x 29 1/2" W x 38" H. Two 1 1/8 hp, single-stage, 115v/60 Hz motor.

Alternate #56330020

Advance ES400™ XLP Self Contained Carpet Extractor - 18"

Built on the industry leading AquaClean® platform, this multi-purpose machine is ideal for cleaning your high-traffic carpeted areas. Solution tank: 12 Gal.; Recovery tank: 10 Gal. Pump: 120 psi; Vacuum motor: 1.5 hp 3-stage. Waterlift: 120"; Brush motor: 1/3 hp; Power cable: 50'.

Alternate #56265501

Advance ES4000 Total Carpet Care System - 28 Gal., 312 AGM

Intuitive One-Touch™ controls for all cleaning and operational functions are at your fingertips. Extraction speed and detergent solution flow automatically adjust. Dry sweep, interim, pre-treat and restorative extraction with one machine. Cleans a 28" wide path and is maneuverable through standard 36" doorways. Vac motor: Dual 3 stage bypass; Brush motor: Dual 1.5 HP. Airflow: 90 cfm; Waterlift: 67" H2O. Battery: 420 AH wet; Turning radius: 62.5".

Alternate #56344204

Advance ET700™ Heated Extractor w/AquaWand™ & Hose

Dual vacuums with unrestricted airflow for superior water recovery, innovative fresh air intake for each vacuum improves vacuum life, dual 3-stage vacuum motor. Vacuum: Dual 5.7", 3-stage; Vac Shutoff: Ball float. Waterlift: 200"; Heater: 2000W. Pump: Positive displacement adjustable 50-500 psi.

Alternate #56113181

Advance FM810™ XP Deluxe Floor Machine

Featuring a full 1.5 hp motor, 160 lbs of down pressure and a 3,540 RPM pad driver, the FM810 is designed to get cleaner floors in fewer passes. Cleaning pad size: 14" x 20"; Motor: 1.5 hp. Voltage: 12V/60 Hz; Orbit speed: 3,540 rpm. Power cable: 50' 14/3 safety yellow; Orbit Dia.: 1/4".

Alternate #56105616

Advance Pacesetter™ 20HD Floor Machine - 20", 1.5HP AC

The Pacesetter™ 13/17/20 is a 1.0 hp, 175 rpm machine available in 13,17 and 20 inch sizes. Dual capacitors provide an extra burst of power to the machine when needed for start up or during operation, without overloading the electrical circuits in the facility. At 1.5 hp, 175 rpm, the Pacesetter™ HD is also available in 17 and 20 inch sizes. A triple-planetary gear design lasts longer than other gear drives because of they do not develop a wear pattern. A sealed gear box requires no maintenance. The Pacesetter™ 20SD™ a super duty 20 inch floor machine. For extreme duty, the 1.75 hp, 175 rpm machine also has the triple planetary gear design for longer wear. The Pacesetter™ 20TS is a two-speed floor machine with a 1.5 hp and a DC rectified motor. The two-speed machine runs at 180 and 320 rpm. Whether stripping, scrubbing, screening, or bonnet cleaning, this machine will fit your need. Heavy duty construction. All cast metal, chrome plated base. Dual start and run capacitors.

Alternate #01410A

Advance SC100™ Upright Scrubber - 12.2", Complete

Ideal design for scrubbing small spaces quickly. Creates a cleaner environment than mopping. Cleans hard surfaces quickly and effectively. The convenient, easy-to-use features make it perfect for cleaning small, high-traffic spaces quickly and effectively. The single-pass scrub and dry performance provides quick access to cleaned areas, and the comfortable, two-hand grip combined with its light weight make maneuverability and transport easy for any operator. Two solution flow setting provide efficient cleaning, and a convenient dosing cap ensures you always use the right amount of detergent. Brush speed: 2100 rpm; Squeegee width: 12.6". Vacuum motor: 0.94 hp; Waterlift: 72"; Airflow: 33.9 CFM. Solution capacity: 0.8 Gal.; Recovery capacity: 1 Gal.

Alternate #107408121

Advance SC1500™ REV™ Stand-On Scrubber - 20", 140AH

Available in REV™ model which has Dual Random Orbital Scrubbing technology or traditional disc models. EcoFlex™ onboard detergent dispensing system standard. Quiet mode for daytime cleaning. Debris catch cage and onboard charger standard. 20" scrub path and pad holders included. Extremely maneuverable and compact. Designed to deliver superior cleaning performance. Provides a flexible, extremely maneuverable and compact solution for small to medium-sized areas. Vacuum motor: 0.66 hp, 3-stage; Scrub motor: 0.51 hp. Drive motor: 0.375 hp. Solution tank: 12 Gal.; Recovery tank: 12.5 Gal.

Alternate #56104013

Advance SC3000™ Compact Rider Scrubber - 26", 255 AH

Ergonomic design and superior scrub system deliver maximum efficiency and cleaning performance. Easier operation, green-cleaning results and, above all, a new patented SafetyGlide™ scrubbing deck that performs the hard work for you. Delivers increased value with the standard Ecoflex™ system, controlling the consumption of water, detergent and energy so effectively that real savings can be gained without compromising performance. Quiet Mode™ makes daytime cleaning in educational facilities and cleaning of noise-sensitive healthcare facilities viable. Scrub head type: Dual disc; Capacity: 21 gal. Brush motor: 0.54 hp; Vacuum motor: 0.56 hp. Vacuum airflow: 55.3 CFM; Waterlift: 57".

Alternate #56381803

Advance SC351™ Battery Micro Scrubber - 14"

Full battery-powered operation with a standard onboard charger, the 14" disc delivers more scrubbing with minimal downtime and less hassle. Brush motor: 260W; Vacuum motor: 200W. Rated power: 450W; Voltage: 12V; Brush pressure: 60 lb. 84 AH maint-free AGM battery; onboard charger 115VAC/12VDC.

Alternate #9087342020

Advance SC500™ REV™ Orbital Walk-Behind - 20", 140 AH

With a modern design engineered to provide better control and improved sightlines, this compact 20" and 12 gallon disc or orbital scrubber cleans both effectively and quietly. Has a quiet mode for daytime cleaning environments. With a revolutionary flow regulation system that adjusts the solution output based on the speed of the machine, it ensures consistent cleaning results using less water and chemical while improving productivity per tank. Combine that with the exclusive EcoFlex™ system, which allows for variable detergent (including ultra-low) or water-only cleaning, and the SC500 is in a category of its own when it comes to sustainability and efficient cleaning. Features a low center of gravity and an easily accessible variable speed, pressure sensitive control paddle. Brush motor: 450W; Vacuum motor: 280W.

Alternate #56383556

Advance Spectrum™ 12P Upright Vacuum - 12"

Advance's 12 inch and 15 inch Spectrum single-motor upright vacuums deliver superior results with performance where it matters most: dirt pickup and filtration. Upright vacuums rely on a combination of dirt pickup to remove soil from carpets and filtration to ensure that dust and other airborne particles stay captured. Spectrum's innovative design has earned the CRI (Carpet & Rug Institute) Seal of Approval, signifying that Spectrum meets the industry's newest dirt pickup and filtration standards for vacuum performance. These standards are more stringent than those for Green Label certification. The two-stage, 1,000 watt motor in Spectrum™ vacuums allows operators to pull dirt and dust from carpets in a single cleaning pass. 120V, 60 Hz, 1000 W, 9 amp, 2-stage. Airflow bypass valve and thermal overload protection.

Alternate #9060107020

Kutol Foaming Advanced Antibac Hand Soap - Gal., Pour Top

With Aloe and Vitamin E, formulated with 0.13% Benzalkonium Chloride, and No Triclosan. Kills 99.99% of common germs. Leaves hands smelling fresh. Amber Color; Citrus-Spice fragrance.

Alternate #21309

SSS® N-Capsul-8 Low Moisture Carpet Cleaner - Gal.

Uses advanced cleaning technology to clean carpets by surrounding and encapsulating soil. After the solid dries, crystals containing soil are easily vacuumed. Low moisture chemistry eliminate need for rinsing. Special additives create an anti-resoiling barrier.

Alternate #48072

ProTeam® Intercept 10 Qt. Micro Filter w/Open Collar

Use with Super CoachVac® HEPA, CoachVac, MegaVac. Open collared making them easy to empty and reuse several times.

Alternate #100331

ProTeam® Intercept 6 Qt. Micro Filter w/Open Collar

Use with Super QuarterVac HEPA, QuarterVac, TailVac, QuietPro BP HEPA, GoCartVac, AviationVac. Open collared making them easy to empty and reuse several times.

Alternate #100431

SSS® Sanotex Surface Wiper Refill - 10" x 12"

Hybrid fabric incorporates both meltblown and spunbound technologies. 2.5 times stronger than ordinary disinfectant wipes for superior soil removal. 40 ct.

Alternate #85338

SSS® Sanotex Surface Wiper Refill - 10" x 12"

Hybrid fabric incorporates both meltblown and spunbound technologies. 2.5 times stronger than ordinary disinfectant wipes for superior soil removal. 60 ct.

Alternate #85340