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Industrial Cleaners / Degreasers


SSS® Navigator 51 Hyper Speed Peroxide Cleaner/Degreaser

A low toxicity, low-VOC, biodegradable, hydrogen peroxide fortified, highly concentrated all-purpose cleaner. RTU yields per refill: 135 quarts.

Alternate #48251

KaiVac® KaiPow Heavy Duty Degreaser - Gal.

Rapidly penetrates oils, greases, fats and soils.

Alternate #KAIPOW

Multi-Clean® Formula 305 HD Cleaner/Degreaser - Gal

A heavy duty low foaming degreaser formulated to attack grease and grime. Effective for use on petroleum, animal and vegetable grease/oils. Use only on surfaces resistant to alkaline cleaners. Meets USDA performance standards for A-1 type products. Do not use on food contact surfaces.

Alternate #910523

Multi-Clean® Non-Butyl Plus™ Industrial Degreaser

A powerful, yet economical concentrated industrial degreaser formulated with water based solvents and other compatible cleaning agents to achieve thorough, heavy-duty degreasing. Can be used indoors/outdoors with high pressure washers, mops, scrubbing brushes and is ideal for use in automatic scrubbing machines. Cleans terrazzo, ceramic and concrete floors. It removes grease deposits from most machinery and is safe for use on aluminum. Biodegradable, phosphate free; Contains no caustics. Contains no petroleum distillates, phosphates, NPE's.


Multi-Clean® Tough Green Enviro-Cleaner & Degreaser - Gal.

Formulated to provide powerful degreasing and still be safe for the user and the environment. Can be used for all types of cleaning and degreasing. The unique blend of biodegradable surfactants and environmentally safe solvents penetrates the dirt, grease and grime and holds them in suspension until removed with a wet pick-up vacuum, mop, squeegee or automatic scrubber. Great for use in kitchens, restrooms, warehouses, machine shops, hotels, schools or anywhere else dirt, grease and grime are found. No Carcinogens or reproductive toxins. Not toxic to humans, contains no phosphorus. Meets VOC requirements, biodegradable, non combustible.


Procyon® Multi-Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser - Gal.

Procyon Multi-Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser is completely soap free and will not leave a soapy, sticky residue behind that can lead to fast resoiling. Effectively breaks down and removes grease, oil, soap, dirt, scum, mold/mildew residues, from a variety of surfaces and materials such as wood, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, desk and counter tops, various types of ceiling and wall surfaces. Green Seal™ Certified. IAQ approved. Carpet & Rug Institute seal of approval. Removes years of soil build-up. Will not bleach or damage surfaces. No toxic or hazardous acids or butyls. Absolutely odorless. Environmentally conscious, user safe. Hypoallergenic, no VOC's, enzymes, bacteria or bleach. No toxic oxidizing or reducing agents.

Green Green $25.30/GAL