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Liquid Floor Strippers


Multi-Clean® Inferno® Stripper - Gal.

Inferno is designed to maximize stripping speed and efficiency by utilizing a blend of active solvents, emulsifiers, and "uncrosslinking" agents. Inferno works fast and gets floors stripped completely the first time. Over 40% actives attack, penetrate and emulsify multiple coats. Remains fluid for easy pick-up, won't dry out or become gummy. Great for autoscrub stripping, almost zero foam. Even works on semi-permanent seals, and heavily burnished finishes. Pleasant Sassafras fragrance. Use on terrazzo, vinyl composition, vinyl, concrete floors. Not for use on linoleum, asphalt tile or rubber tile floors. Clear liquid. Dilutions: 1:2 heavy stripping; 1:4 medium stripping. A cold water stripper. Do not use warm or hot water. Sassafras fragrance. pH (conc): 13.5 - 14.0. pH (1:4): 12.5 - 13.0.


Pioneer Eclipse® Flash55™ Floor Stripper - 2.5 Gal.

For VCT and hard floors. Butyl based formula. Floral fragrance. Fast acting. 1:4 dilution for heavy coating removal; 1:6 dilution for normal coating removal. 1:8 dilution for light coating removal.

Alternate #516FS

Pioneer Eclipse® Formula X™ UHP Stripper - 10 L

A powerful, ultra high performance, non-ammoniated formula that cuts through heavy build-up and hard to remove water-based seals in record time. For VCT, vinyl and hard floors. Butyl based formula. pH: 12.2. Citrus fragrance. Fast acting.

Alternate #503

Ultra Chem Stripper - Gal.

An environmentally preferable, non-slip, low odor, ammonia free finish remover. This high performance tool requires little dwell time for fast, effective and safe stripping action that rinses easy for floor finish application. Stripping floors has never been so safe and easy. Designed with Selective Implosion Technology, Ultra Green Stripper implodes the most fortified sealers and floor finishes on a molecular level. Polymer bonds are unlocked resulting in easy and safe finish removal. UCL Approved GREEN.