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Carpet Spot / Gum Removers


Procyon® Spot & Stain Remover - Qt.

Procyon Spot & Stain Remover is formulated with a soft water conditioner that leaves carpet and upholstery softer and brighter, without breaking down natural fibers. It provides excellent cleaning results on heavy grease, oil and dirt soiled carpets and upholstery. It will remove the ground in dirt from severely soiled traffic lanes. It will also remove tough spots and stains caused by blood, various inks, road tar, ketchup, shoe polish, tea, coffee, food and beverage residues. Certified by the Carpet & Rug Institute, proven not to adversely affect Indoor Air Quality, and is approved for use by DuPont, Monsanto, Allied Fibers. Also approved by Collins & Aikman. No VOC's, enzymes, bacteria, bleach, or toxic oxidizing.


ProsALL® QuikFreeze™ Chewing Gum & Candle Wax Remover

Has a freezing action that allows chewing gum and wax drippings to be removed easily and effectively. Packaged in the ergonomic SureGRIP® can. Freezes substances instantly to -6° F. Release adhesion between substance and surface.

Alternate #433-1117