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Pioneer Eclipse® Sta-Brite™ Floor Finish - 10 L

Pioneer Eclipse® Sta-Brite™ Floor Finish - 10 L

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Golden Star® Soil Sorb™ Scrubber Carpet Pad - 19"

Carpet bonnet pads with Fibrelok® yarn. Specially blended yarns aggressively loosen soil and soak it up like a sponge. Mounts easily to any standard low-speed rotary floor machine. Launderable. Green/White Blended.

Alternate #ASP19G

Multi-Clean® Silicone-Based Defoamer/Anti-Foam - Gal.

Formulated to effectively control foam generated during carpet extraction cleaning. Do not add defoamer to solution tank or directly to carpet. pH: 6-8. Milky white, slightly viscous liquid, mild odor. Use 2 oz in 1/2 gallon of warm water per recovery tank.

Alternate #910543

ProsALL® QuikFreeze™ Chewing Gum & Candle Wax Remover

Has a freezing action that allows chewing gum and wax drippings to be removed easily and effectively. Packaged in the ergonomic SureGRIP® can. Freezes substances instantly to -6° F. Release adhesion between substance and surface.

Alternate #433-1117

Ultra Chem Clean All-In-One Electrolytic Carpet/Fabric Clean

Our one stop Carpet/Fabric Cleaning solution to stains, spills, pet odor, urine and even gum. This high performance cleaner is environmentally conscious and with its multiple application use, Clean is extremely economical and can be used with any carpet cleaning equipment and cleaning method regardless of water temperature: Prespray, bonnet cleaning, extraction, truck mount extraction, pad cleaning, spot cleaning. Can also be combined with ‘Neutralizer' (acidic rinse) to boost cleaning performance for all cleaning applications and neutralize prior chemical residue/malodors. Electrolytic Cleaning Technology. UCL Approved GREEN.

Alternate #2010-1

Americo 120 Grit Sand Screen Disk - 20"

Americo's sand screen discs are commonly used for removal or repair of coatings on wood floor surfaces. An ideal application would be refinishing gym floors. They are also used for repair of painted floor surfaces. Use both sides - either wet or dry, to remove paint and to clean or finish hard surfaces.

Alternate #501220

Americo Black Stripping Floor Pad - 20"

20" pads for stripping, scrubbing, buffing and burnishing.

Alternate #400120

Americo White Polish Floor Pad - 20"

20" pads for stripping, scrubbing, buffing and burnishing.

Alternate #401220

Pioneer Eclipse® Formula X™ UHP Stripper - 10 L

A powerful, ultra high performance, non-ammoniated formula that cuts through heavy build-up and hard to remove water-based seals in record time. For VCT, vinyl and hard floors. Butyl based formula. pH: 12.2. Citrus fragrance. Fast acting.

Alternate #503

Americo Maroon EcoPrep "EPP" Floor Pad - 20"

This thin line pad is designed to be used, wet or dry, for removal of floor finish without the use of harsh stripping chemicals. Excellent for repairing acrylic or urethane finishes for recoating.

Alternate #420720