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Specialty Floor Pads


Bona® Diamond 6" Siafast Abrasive Disc - 180 Grit

Hook and loop power drive discs. Specially developed for hardwood floors with performance in mind. The most aggressive and longest lasting abrasive in the industry, without sacrificing smoothness to achieve the best surface for staining or finishing. Get maximum efficiency and stay on the leading edge of technology with Bona Abrasives.  8/cs
Alternate #AASDIAMD6180

Americo Maroon EcoPrep "EPP" Floor Pads

This thin line pad is designed to be used, wet or dry, for removal of floor finish without the use of harsh stripping chemicals. Excellent for repairing acrylic or urethane finishes for recoating.
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Padco BigFoot™ Professional Floor Coater-24", Lightweight

All BigFoot™ floor coaters come with a one piece, heavy duty 60" galvanized steel handle attached to the t-bar. Available in heavyweight for a thinner layer of finish and lightweight for a thicker layer of finish.  ea
Alternate #6223

Padco Floor Finishing Applicator - 24", Heavyweight

Lightweight floor coaters apply a thicker layer of finish to large areas. Heavyweight floor coaters apply a thinner mil thickness of finish to large areas. Convenient hand grip accepts threaded poles for both lightweight and heavyweight.  ea
Alternate #6024

Padco Nylfoam® Floor Coater Refills

Specially designed Nylfoam® applies a precise, smooth, lint-free finish to wood, concrete, tile and slate surfaces. Use with waterborne and mild solvent based finishes.
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