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Floor Cleaners


HOS Environ HP Encapsulation Cleaner - Gal.

Environ HP is our exclusive green encapsulation cleaner that assists in making the HOS system complete.  4/cs
Alternate #EHP4G

Pioneer Eclipse® Reboot™ Deep Scrub Cleaner - 2.5 Gal.

For all washable surfaces. 1:64 dilution for removal of 1-2 coats. 1:32 dilution for removal of 3-4 coats. pH 12.5. Lemon lime fragrance.  2/cs
Alternate #342FS

Pioneer Eclipse® Reclaim™ Hard Floor Cleaner Maintainer

Uniquely formulated. Seals and protects as it cleans. Specifically designed to resist stains. Safe for daily use.  2/cs
Alternate #354FS

SSS® Navigator 55 Power Play SC Neutral Floor Cleaner -2 L

A totally synthetic floor cleaner designed for use in a modern floor maintenance program. RTU yields per refill: 135 gallons.  2/cs
Alternate #48255

KaiVac® Neutral Floor Cleaner - 8 oz.

A pH neutral daily cleaner that's tough on soils but gentle on floors and finishes. Preportioned chemical packets.  30/cs
Alternate #KNPK

EnviroClean Lemon Kleen Neutral Cleaner - Gal.

Available in various sizes. Environmentally safe. Penetrates and suspends soil for efficient cleaning by automatic scrubbing or damp mopping. Dilution: 1-4 oz per gallon.  4/cs
Alternate #CMCLEMKLE

Stearns® ONE PACKS Floor Conditioner & Neutralizer

Granular formula neutralizes alkaline residue after floor stripping for better floor finish application and sealing. Counteracts urine odor in restrooms. One pack makes 6 gallons. Eliminates dulling, discoloring, and hazing.  72/cs
Alternate #729

Stearns® GS Neutral Cleaner Concentrate

Concentrated pH-neutral floor cleaner that contains no caustic, abrasive, or harsh ingredients to mar fine floor finishes. Fresh clean fragrance. Optimum cleaning with no alkyl or nonyl phenols. Green Seal™ Certified. EPA Safer Choice.
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Ultra Chem Cleaner & Conditioner - Gal.

Will remove the toughest soils from floor finishes while restoring and conditioning the surface. Ideal for daily auto scrubbing or damp mopping cleaning procedures. Will effectively clean and condition all Ultra floor finishes to sustain a high level of brilliance and to preserve long lasting durability. Utilizing Electrolytic Cleaning Technology allows Cleaner and Conditioner to remove soil by neutralizing the ionic charge of the soil and the surface. Therefore the targeted soil no longer has the ability to stick to the substrate resulting in easy soil removal which also keeps surfaces cleaner for extended periods of time. An environmentally preferable, versatile multi-surface cleaner highly efficient for cleaning, degreasing and brightening all washable surfaces. UCL Approved GREEN. Electrolytic Cleaning Technology.  4/cs
Alternate #1040-1

Ultra Chem Neutralizer Acidic Rinse & Residue Remover - Gal.

An environmentally conscious carpet rinse designed to remove alkaline buildup left behind by extraction, shampoo, bonnet buffing chemicals and ice melt residue. UCL Approved GREEN.  4/cs
Alternate #2070-1