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Floor Finishes


Bona® SuperCourt HD Finish - 5 Gal. Pail, Gloss

The top sport finish for durability and appearance. A premium two-component waterborne wood floor finish. Easy to maintain. Non-yellowing. Stays clean and clear even after several recoats. Provides excellent chemical resistance.  ea
Alternate #WT762055008

Pioneer Eclipse® OmniGuard™ Floor Finish - 2.5 Gal.

For VCT, vinyl and hard floors. 32% total solids. 25% non-volatile solids. High gloss coating. APEO free. For burnishing 4-7 days a week. UL classified.  2/cs
Alternate #141FS

Pioneer Eclipse® LockOut™ Hard Floor Protector-2.5 Gal

A micro-film forming surface treatment that hardens and protects the floor. It creates a breathable, ultra-hard, water and dust repellent surface.  2/cs
Alternate #423FS

Pioneer Eclipse® Sta-Brite™ Floor Finish - 10 L

20% non-volatile solids. 26% total solids. For VCT, vinyl and hard floors. High gloss coating. APEO free. For burnishing 0-2 days a week. UL classified for slip resistance.  2/cs
Alternate #130

Ultra Chem QuantumX Floor Finish - Gal.

A floor finish designed for daily high speed burnishing that is environmentally conscious and highly durable. UCL Approved GREEN. Non-Styrene Polymer.  4/cs
Alternate #1022-1