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Microfiber Mops


CPI Microfiber Glass Cleaning Pad - 10" x 5", Blue

Used for glass and mirrors the microfiber glass cleaning pad is a microfiber glass cleaning cloth sewn onto hook & Loop backing. With foam backing to absorb extra solution.  12/cs

CPI Aluminum Frame - 16"

With swivel, removable hook and loop strips.  ea
Alternate #HOOKFRAMEA18

SSS® HD MicroPower Wet Mop Pads

Microfibers are specially designed non-abrasive and non-linting fibers, small enough to penetrate into the surface pores and remove tiny dust particles. Save time and money. Can be laundered numerous times. Eliminates cross-contamination. Environmentally friendly. Reduces amount of chemicals circulating in the water supply.
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SSS® NexGen 9" Microfiber Hand Held Surface Frame

NexGen microfiber cleaning systems, wall and hard surface cleaning tools.  10/cs
Alternate #19080

SSS® NexGen 9" Microfiber Wall Wash Frame w/Swivel

NexGen microfiber cleaning systems, wall and hard surface cleaning tools.  10/cs
Alternate #19081

SSS® NexGen Hook & Loop 9" Blue Microfiber Mop Pad

Wall and hard surface cleaning tools.  24/cs
Alternate #19083

SSS® NexGen Microfiber Telescopic Mop Handle - 40" to 72"

For all frames. For use with the NexGen Pretreat Cleaning System, NexGen TB Divided Bucket Cleaning System and NexGen Microfiber Cleaning System.  12/cs
Alternate #19015

SSS® NexGen PK Mop Bin w/Lid - Orange

Orange bin is for storage of pretreated cleaning mops.  3/cs
Alternate #19003

SSS® NexGen HL Microfiber Mop Pad - 18.5", Blue

Hook and Loop microfiber cleaning system offers a "no-Touch" solution for attaching and removing mops. Reduces chemical usage by 75%. Significantly reduces water consumption.  12/cs
Alternate #19117

SSS® NexGen PK Mop Bin w/Lid - Gray

Gray bin is for storage of used, dirty mops.  3/cs
Alternate #19004

Golden Star® HD Microfiber Finish Mop Pad - 5" x 18", Blue

The velcro backing makes changing mop pads quick and easy, eliminating concerns about cross-contamination from one area to another.  12/cs
Alternate #AMM18HDF

Unger® Aluminum Pad Holder - 8"

Pad holder with swivel head easily glides across windows. Attach to Unger pole with thread adapter AFAET.  5/cs
Alternate #PHH20

SSS® No Lint Microfiber Wet Mop - Large, 5", Blue

Unique microfiber construction glides smoothly over rough, abrasive floors. Heavy-duty strands stand up to everyday mopping. Launderable. Fantail provides wide surface span and even more coverage.  12/cs
Alternate #37188

O'Dell Echoline® Microfiber Frame - 22"

Made of lightweight yet durable aluminum. Frames have hook and loop strips which can be used with wet or dry microfiber pads. Frame swivels to provide full 360° range of motion, or can be locked in place.  12/cs
Alternate #AMFMF-22

O'Dell Microfiber Finish Pad - 5" x 24"

Finishing pads that are smooth and streak-free. Offers superior sewn construction and ultra-fine microfibers, giving a super-soft pad that ghosts over surfaces without streaking, but which is durable enough to withstand repeated launderings. Fits standard 18" a d24" hook and loop frames. Each pad comes packaged in a resealable storage bag.  12/cs
Alternate #MAP245