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Mop Handles


Golden Star® Clencher™ Wet Mop Handle -1" x 60", Yellow

Durable nylon jaws securely grip wide headbands. Soiled mops can be removed without touching them. Plastic assembly will not rust or support bacterial growth. Designed for wide style 5" and 9" wet mops.  12/cs
Alternate #HWC1F

KaiVac® Ergo Mop Handle

The commercial-grade ergonomic mop handle is adjustable to fit each worker. Double bend, with padded grips and swivel top. Reduces wrist strain and calluses. Secures tightly to KaiVac's microfiber pad frame.  ea
Alternate #MFHNDLA

Golden Star® HD Frame - 5" x 16"

Lightweight structure provides easy maneuvering on flat surfaces. End caps protect walls and furniture.  12/cs
Alternate #FMM16

Golden Star® HD Handle - 1" x 60"

Ergonomic design alleviates the strain of mopping. Telescoping handle accommodates various heights and numerous tasks. 360° swivel offers a full range of motion.  12/cs
Alternate #TMM1

Golden Star® Performer Wet Mop Handle-15/16x60, Fiberglass

A convenient lever system makes removing soiled mops quick and easy. The adjustable locking wheel securely holds narrow headbands in place. Plastic construction is rust-free and safe in healthcare environments. Handles available in wood, fiberglass, vinyl-covered steel and colored steel.  12/cs
Alternate #HWM1516-FP

Golden Star® Quick Change™ Handle - 1 1/8" x 60", Wood

The classic, all-around metal mop assembly comes with a quick-release swing bar. The adjustable wing nut securely tightens to hold a narrow headband in place. Perfect for tough applications and heavy use. Handles available in wood, fiberglass, vinyl-covered steel.  12/cs
Alternate #HWM118STQC

Golden Star® Sta-Flat Wet Mop Handle - Janitor

Made exclusively for Sta-Flat cut-end wet mops. Easy on-and-off screw-type wood handle.  12/cs
Alternate #HWM118SF