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Floor Sealers


Pioneer Eclipse® Eclipse™ Hard Floor Sealer - 2.5 Gal.

A high solids formula for ultra high speed ("UHS") applications. Provides excellent gloss, scuff resistance and long lasting durability. 29% total solids. 19% non-volatile solids. Water based formula. APEO free. UL classified.  2/cs
Alternate #403FS

Ultra Chem Sealer - Gal.

An easy to apply floor protector that provides excellent adhesion for subsequent finish coatings. Internal Thermal Catalyst Technology allows Ultra polymer technology to dry from the bottom up versus conventional top down drying. Extra fast drying time and easy walk-on repairs. Levels and protect the floor. Does not discolor or yellow. Excellent adhesion. Provides long lasting protection. An environmentally preferable, metal free sealer designed for most types of flooring. Does not contain zinc or other harmful metals. Non-Styrene Polymer. UCL Approved GREEN.  4/cs
Alternate #1050-1

Pioneer Eclipse® EnviroStar Green™ Floor Sealer

For VCT. 25% total solids. 22% non-volatile solids. Water-based formula. Green formula. A high solids formula for ultra high speed (“UHS”) applications.  2/cs
Alternate #413FS