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Window Cleaning Washers


Unger® Microfiber Cleaning Pad

Cleans glass with less drag. Provides perfect glide on glass surfaces. Removes dust, fingerprints, grease and other light dirt from glass. Use with pad holder PHH20 or PHD20.  5/cs
Alternate #PHL20

Unger® 8" Microfiber Washing Pad

8" pad for window cleaning. Best cleaning with minimal drag. Use with pad holder PHH20.  5/cs
Alternate #PHW20

Unger® Micro StripWasher® Strip Pac & Sleeves

Microfiber washer sleeve with scrub pad and hook and loop fastening. Can absorb up to 6 times its weight. Scrub pad provides extra cleaning power. Withstands 500 washings. Lightweight plastic with patented water wells for high water retention, reducing number of bucket dips.
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Unger® MonsoonPlus StripWasher® & Sleeves

Heavy-duty washer sleeve with extra-long fibers, scrub pad, and hook and loop fastening. Woven fabrics holds large amounts of water. Reinforced sewn ends and durable backing for extended life. Ideal for cleaning large windows/areas.
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Unger® The Original StripWasher® & Sleeves

Gentle but strong. Reinforced zigzag stitched ends. Ensure long life. Excellent for cleaning windows, screens and dusting. Standard washer sleeve made with plush, woven synthetic fabric with hook and loop fastening.
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