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EnviroClean Adhere Bowl Cleaner - Gal.

EnviroClean Adhere Bowl Cleaner - Gal.

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Chemcor Borax Handsoap - 5 lbs., White

Powdered handsoap with pure natural Borax and Lanolin combined to produce an unsurpassed hand cleaner for stubborn grime. White, general purpose powdered hand cleaner. For use in all standard dispensers. White powder. 10 per case.

Alternate #5W050

EnviroClean Adhere Bowl Cleaner - Qt.

Thick phosphoric acid porcelain, tile and chrome cleaner.

Alternate #CADHEREQT

KaiVac® KaiBlooey Mild Acid Restroom Cleaner - Gal.

Low foaming restroom cleeaner that contains a blend of fast-acting mild acids to de-scale mineral deposits and remove soap scum.

Alternate #KAIBLOOEY

KaiVac® KaiBosh™ Hospital Grade Disinfectant - Gal.

Concentrated no-rinse hospital use disinfectant cleaner that disinfects and deodorizes in one labor saving step. Phosphate-free formal. Controls cross-contamination. Leaves behind no grit or soap scum.

Alternate #KAIBOSH

Kutol® Pro Health Guard® All Purpose Foam Skin Cleaner

A high quality hand cleaner with luxurious dense foam. Formulated with very low viscosity. Light Red appearance and Fresh Spice fragrance. Cleans light to medium soils.

Alternate #9109

Kutol® Pro Health Guard® Foaming Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

62% alcohol. Effective and convenient to sanitize hands in situations where soap and water are not available. Contains Aloe, Vitamin E and moisturizes. Helps soften skin. USDA BioPreferred™, BioBased content.

Alternate #68809

Multi-Clean® Formula 305 HD Cleaner/Degreaser - Gal

A heavy duty low foaming degreaser formulated to attack grease and grime. Effective for use on petroleum, animal and vegetable grease/oils. Use only on surfaces resistant to alkaline cleaners. Meets USDA performance standards for A-1 type products. Do not use on food contact surfaces.

Alternate #910523

SprayPak® Spray Disinfectant - 16.5 oz.

Kills surface bacteria, including HIV-1 (AIDS virus). Deodorizes. Can Size: 20.

Alternate #433-4104

EnviroClean Dimension III Floor Finish - Gal.

Is a low maintenance finish that is not normally high speed burnished. It is ideal for accounts that maintain their floor with simple daily maintenance.