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Ultra Chem Sealer - Gal.

Ultra Chem Sealer - Gal.

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Pioneer Eclipse® EnviroStar Green™ Floor Sealer

For VCT. 25% total solids. 22% non-volatile solids. Water-based formula. Green formula. A high solids formula for ultra high speed (“UHS”) applications.

Alternate #413FS

Pioneer Eclipse® Formula X™ UHP Stripper - 10 L

A powerful, ultra high performance, non-ammoniated formula that cuts through heavy build-up and hard to remove water-based seals in record time. For VCT, vinyl and hard floors. Butyl based formula. pH: 12.2. Citrus fragrance. Fast acting.

Alternate #503

ProsALL® QwikStrip™ Baseboard Cleaner & Floor Stripper

Helps remove the accumulated buildup of soil and darkened wax that occurs on baseboards and on floors along walls and in low-traffic areas. Foaming for ultimate cling and penetration. Removes old wax, acrylics and dirt with no offensive odor.

Alternate #433-1118

Ultra Chem Neutralizer Acidic Rinse & Residue Remover - Gal.

Utilizes 2 food grade acids to neutralize the effect of stripper and floor finish. UCL Approved GREEN.

Alternate #2070-1