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Allstate Natural HD Coreless Roll Liner - 40 x 48, 16 mic

Allstate Natural HD Coreless Roll Liner - 40 x 48, 16 mic

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Health Guard® Foaming No Alcohol Hand Sanitizer - Gal. Pour Top

Foaming No Alcohol Hand Sanitizer is effective and convenient to sanitize hands when soap and water are not available. Enhanced with Aloe and vitamin E to moisturize skin. No added dye with a light linen scent.

Alternate #68209

SprayPak® Spray Disinfectant - 16.5 oz.

Kills surface bacteria, including HIV-1 (AIDS virus). Deodorizes. Can Size: 20.

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Stearns® ONE PACKS GS Extra-Strength Cleaner Concentrate

Heavy-duty all-purpose cleaner and degreaser with a readily biodegradable surfactant system. Superior penetration and removal of greasy soils. Fresh clean fragrance. Safely cleans without hazardous fumes and toxic by-products. Green Seal™ Certified.

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Stearns® ONE PACKS GS Neutral Cleaner Concentrate -1 fl oz

Concentrated pH-neutral floor cleaner that contains no caustic, abrasive, or harsh ingredients to mar fine floor finishes. Fresh clean fragrance. Optimum cleaning with no alkyl or nonyl phenols. Green Seal™ Certified. EPA Safer Choice.

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Stearns® ONE PACKS GS Restroom & Bowl Cleaner Concentrate

Non-corrosive and free of harmful acids. Safely cleans toilet bowls, urinals, tile walls, tubs, and sinks. Ideal for daily cleaning and bowl maintenance. Fresh clean fragrance.

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Stearns® ONE PACKS GS Window Cleaner Concentrate - 2 oz.

Green Seal™ Certified. One pack makes 1 quart. Concentrated glass cleaner formulated without solvents, glycol ethers or ammonia.

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Stearns® ONE PACKS Mark E II Disinfectant/Deodorizer

Multi-purpose, neutral pH, hospital grade quaternary. A one step germicide, detergent, deodorizer, fungicide, virucide. One pack makes 2 gallons. Use with #2999570 (pint) pre-printed spray bottle.

Alternate #756

Chemcor White Handwash - Gal.

Economical, lotionized and effective. Mild on hands, yet produces copious lather for fast and complete cleansing. Stable viscosity makes this an ideal choice for all dispensers. Rinses freely and leaves a fresh and clean feel after each use. Non-irritating. White concentrate, coconut fragrance.

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Health Guard® All Purpose Foam Skin Cleaner - Gal. Pour Top

A high quality hand cleaner with luxurious dense foam. Formulated with very low viscosity. Light Red appearance and Fresh Spice fragrance. Cleans light to medium soils.

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