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Advance ES400™ XLP Self Contained Carpet Extractor - 18"

Built on the industry leading AquaClean® platform, this multi-purpose machine is ideal for cleaning your high-traffic carpeted areas. Solution tank: 12 Gal.; Recovery tank: 10 Gal. Pump: 120 psi; Vacuum motor: 1.5 hp 3-stage. Waterlift: 120"; Brush motor: 1/3 hp; Power cable: 50'.

Alternate #56265501

Minuteman® X17 Carpet Extractor - 9 Gal., 50 PSI

Single, adjustable brush runs at 1800 RPM. Large 9 or 11 gallon solution tank and 7.5 gallon recovery tank. On-board power for optional scrub wand and extraction tools. The patented CFS (Chemical Free Solution) system requires Zero chemical or disinfectants. The CFS equipped machines use Ozone to sanitize, deodorize and purify soft floors using an innovative Ozone technology that's revolutionizing the way we clean carpets. Plus models have ECO plus solution tank. Momentary and continuous spray features. Single, adjustable brush. Dump hose built into unit for convenience. Not just clean, it's green. CRI Certified. Vac motor: 2 hp 3-stage; Brush motor: 1/6 hp.


US Products Advantage 400 Heated Carpet Extractor

Restorative deep cleaning. The most powerful heated portable carpet, extractor of the series. Compact, light-weight design makes it easy to operate. Adjustable 50-400 psi. Instant 212° heat boosts cleaning performance. Low moisture and powerful 3-stage vacuum.

Alternate #MPE400H

US Products King Cobra KC-500 Carpet Extractor - 500 psi

These large capacity 16-gallon hot water extractors offer longer run times than traditional extractors and reduced labor costs. 7.2", 3-stage soft start vac. Electronic vac shutoff. Pump: Positive displacement, fully adjustable 0-500 psi.

Alternate #KC-500

US Products King Cobra® 1200 PRO Extractor

The dual surface extractor has two separate systems and does the job of two separate machines in one convenient portable package. 7.2", 3-Stage Vacuum. Foot operated valve for easy priming. 50 feet of 12/3 electrical cord.

Alternate #KC1200PRO

US Products Solus 500 Extractor - 12 Gal.

Engineered for one person operation and transport. Upright design with large rear wheels and roller handles make it very easy to transport up and down stairs. Dual 5.7", 3-stage soft start vacs, in parallel. Electronic vac shutoff. Positive displacement fully adjustable 0-500 psi.

Alternate #SOLUS500

Viper Slider 1610SE™ Self-Contained Extractor - 16"

Compact design. Attractive Viper styling. Well balanced. Cylindrical brush. Simple easy to use controls. Rotationally molded polyethylene tanks. 10 gallon solution tank, 7 gallon recovery tank. 100 psi pump, 3-stage vac motor, 5.7" vac size. 110 volt, 118" waterlift, 50 ft safety yellow cable.

Alternate #SL1610SE

Xaact Xtract 500H Heated Carpet Extractor - 50-500 psi, Adj

No matter what or where you're cleaning, the Xtract Series of portable heated carpet extractors get the job done. Our all-American design and assembly along with 100% product testing, ensure superior performance supported by unparalleled customer service and an industry-leading factory warranty. Upright design. Easy portability. Durable construction. Low moisture design. Ergonomic grip handles. Built-in wand caddy. Drain valve: 24" hose. 15' vac/solution hoses come standard; Lift: 137". Vacuum: 5.7" 3-stage vacuum; Shut-Off: Ball float.