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Shovels & Scrapers


Remco Vikan® Hygienic Fork - White

The hygienic fork has a reinforced handles with an inner aluminum tube. It is stepped in two places which helps to prevent back injuries. 49" L x 9.2" W x 5.1" H.

Alternate #56905

Remco Safety Shovel - 14" x 17" x 42", Red

Hazmat response teams across the country have learned to depend on this full line of safety products for help in cleaning up our environment. Specifically designed for spill kits and environmental and industrial clean-up applications, these tools are rugged, non-sparking and chemically resistant. One-piece, heavy duty shovel.


Remco Vikan® Large Sieve Ergonomic Shovel - White

The ergonomic polypropylene sieve shovel makes sifting and draining less of a chore. The holes enable liquid to drain quickly from food products. Great for many different industries. 13.7" W x 8.3" H.

Alternate #56045